Farming Valley – Lite 1.0.1 released

“Meepstress” suggested that the pack will when pointing the mouse over a item, that would be sold in the shipment box. It would say that i can be sold. He even made a nice script for it 😀 However i decided to do it a little different then his script, so the pack will only mention it can be sold, and not for what price. I want the price to be discovered by the player. However a big thanks to Meepstress for the suggesting (

I also made it so you can buy the guide book, if you by a mistake gift/sells it to a NPC.

  • Yulif and Cloe now sells the achivement book and the guide on how to summon the goddess. So a easier way to get these books again if you by mistake sells them.
  • You can now sell even more stuff in the Shipping box.
  • When poinint your mouse over a item, that can be sold. The item description will mention that it can be sold in a shipment box.
    (May have forgot to add some items to the new description list, that can be sold)