Fire In The Pipe 2 – 2.3.4 – Changelog

Thank you for borrowing your world, to make sure this update was possible.

  • Disabled Dracanic Evolution update message.
  • Disabled InventoryPet update message.

Update RTG-1.7.10-
– Removed debug code that was throwing RuntimeExceptions in ChunkProviderRTG

Update inventorypets-1.7.10-1.5.2-universal
– Sea Cave dungeons now spawn far less frequently (credit: NocturneBlock, BrisingrAerowing)
– You can now hold down shift when a Cloud Pet is in your inventory and you won’t fall off the edge (credit: JamesSkullBlood)
– Ocelot Pets no longer scare all Creepers in all loaded chunks, just Creepers when they are within 24 blocks of the player (credit: payonel)
– Patreon Rewards finally added: Purplicious Cow Head Armor and Cool Inventory Pets T-Shirt. All players can create, but only Patreons can wear. No special abilities.
– Living Anvil and Living Bed Pets can now be dismissed via Right Click. Only one Living Pet per Pet Item will be allowed (credit: nathanjfealko)
– Cloud Pet’s Thunder sound can now be turned off via config (credit: KelleyEngineering)
– Players can now jump on and sink into Lava when using the Magma Pet (credit: Frieckest)
– Players can now jump on and sink into Water when using the Sponge Pet  – Players will no longer receive fall damage after using the Magma Pet or Sponge Pet (credit: Frieckest)
– Cloud Pet no longer irrecoverably falls from the sky when Sneaking (credit: JamesSkullBlood, mihartsy)
– Illuminati Cooldown now reflects proper cooldown time (credit: SpeedySpy52)
– Anvil Pet no longer ‘occoasionally’ rolls back auto-repairs made (credit: sahilewaya)
– Banana Pet no longer eats food when “PetsMustEat” is set to false in the config (credit: mxnmnm)
– [1.7.10] Removed console spam caused by Mickerson (credit: LemADEC)
– [1.7.10] Spider Pet no longer crashes server when using the Hang on Wall feature (credit: LemADEC)
– Mooshroom Pet no longer disappears when using Bonemeal effect and Pam’s HarvestCraft (credit: mxnmnm)
– Fixed crash caused when using Drone from Pneumaticraft (credit: nickick7x3)
– Pingot Pet now uses new methods to find modded ores, including mods that use metadata blocks, e.g., IC2, GregTech (credit: tyler489)
– Items from other mods that add flight capabilities now work again when Inventory Pets installed (UntoldForce, Darkmega18)
– Peek now working when Cloud Pet in hotbar (credit: JamesSkullBlood)
– Apple Pet now does damage again (credit: mxnmnm)
– Cloud Flying Speed can now be set in Config, from Slow to Very Fast (credit: JamesSkullBlood)
– Players will no longer be able to permanently fly after removing the Cloud Pet from hotbar (credit: JamesSkullBlood)
– Players will no longer bounce across the water and take fall damage when on land again …. with no pets in hotbar… #fail (credit: RyanP1991)
– Fast flight working when flying again, and not on ground (credit: JamesSkullBlood)
– Enderman Pet no longer ‘saves’ you on top of Nether (credit: Thecuriouspotato)

Update fastcraft-1.25
– Compatibility fixes towards Optifine – at the cost of disabling some features. Performance may be better with an Optifine version that doesn’t include Shadersmod or without Optifine.

Update Carpenter’s Blocks v3.3.8.2 – MC 1.7.10
– Fix server crash when safe are broken by other player during usage [vagola]

Update AppleCore-mc1.7.10-3.1.1
 Removed FertilizationEvent entirely
– This event and the ASM required for it has been a constant source of hard-to-debug errors and it isn’t worth the effort to maintain
– As far as I’m aware this event has never been used by any mod that depends on AppleCore, so upgrading shouldn’t affect any current AppleCore users
– Added zh_TW translation (thanks hugoalh)
– Added some features to the API related to block-based foods: – Added IEdibleBlock with methods to control whether or not Block-based foods can be eaten at max hunger (like ItemFood.alwaysEdible)
– AppleCore implements IEdibleBlock on BlockCake at runtime, so you can make it always edible by doing `((IEdibleBlock) Blocks.cake).setEdibleAtMaxHunger(true)`
– Added IAppleCoreRegistry (AppleCoreAPI.registry) to register Block <-> Item relationships for Block-based foods that don’t use an ItemBlock (e.g. cake)
– Add Polish translation (#112, thanks @Greg-21)

Update GalacticraftCore-1.7-
– Lots of bug fixes

Update Galacticraft-Planets-1.7-
– Lots of bug fixes

Update MicdoodleCore-1.7-
– Lots of bug fixes