Pokehaan Craft 1.1.10 / Lite 1.0.8 – Changelog

Updated CraftTweaker2-1.12- (Pokehaan & Pokehaan Lite)

Updated Treasure2-mc1.12.2-f14.23.5.2854-v1.17.0 (Pokehaan)

  • Fixed missing Charms bug!
  • Item Texture updates by Xemnes – Keys, Locks, Coins, Gems, Pouches, etc.
  • Fix Lock’s tooltip to display the proper key.
  • Fixed server crash on Pearl thrown in well.
  • Updated keys in Accepted Keys list on Locks’ tooltip.
  • Refactored code for Charms on back-end.

Updated GottschCore-mc1.12.2-f14.23.5.2854-v1.14.1. (Pokehaan)

  • Fixed the update URL.

Updated Pixelmon-1.12.2-8.3.3 (Pokehaan & Pokehaan Lite)

Changelog for Pixelmon:

New Quest Items:
  • Armor Pass
  • Blue Petal
  • Coin Case
  • Crown Pass
  • Devon Scope
  • Fashion Case
  • Forage Bag
  • Gold Teeth
  • Green Petal
  • Hi Tech Earbuds
  • Holo Caster
  • Jade Orb
  • Liberty Pass
  • Max Honey
  • Member Card
  • Mystic Ticket
  • Oaks Letter
  • Oaks Parcel
  • Old Sea Map
  • Orange Petal
  • Pink Petal
  • Pokeblock Case
  • Professors Mask
  • Prop Case
  • Purple Petal
  • Rainbow Flower
  • Rainbow Pass
  • Red Petal
  • Ride Pager
  • Seal Case
  • Secret Key
  • Silph Scope
  • Sonias Book
  • Sparkling Stone
  • SS Ticket
  • Style Card
  • Tri Pass
  • Yellow Petal
  • Z Power Ring
  • Z Ring


  • Sweets can now be held items. This doesn’t affect the evolution method for Milcery, you still interact and dance!
  • Raid NPCs will no longer write to world.
  • Ribbons can now be given via spec in /pokegive
  • Optimized AI movement.
  • Pokemon will no longer spawn on dead players. This isn’t a perfect change, as the core of the issue is a vanilla bug. This does however cover a common issue.
  • Scrappy, Inner Focus, Oblivious, Own Tempo, & Rattled are now immune to Intimidate.
  • Growth and Minimize will no longer affect the Pokemons literal size.
  • Searching for eggs in PCs has been improved.
  • Wailmer Pails now provide a text response when used on berry and apricorn trees, alongside the Bonemeal particle effect.
  • You can now plant on Pokedirt.


  • Wooloo and Mareep will once again eat grass and regrow wool.
  • Rainbow Wing is no longer consumed when interacting with pokemon that don’t have rainbow forms.
  • Fixed an issue causing attempted evolution earlier than it should in Raids.
  • UI no longer pretends you can Dynamax Primals.
  • Fixed a fatal error with Badge Cases.
  • Fixed a fatal error with Infuser recipes.
  • Fixed a bug where Zygarde cells would spawn too close to each other
  • Golden Bottlecaps now work as intended.
  • Zygarde cells are now limited to a max of 3 cells around the player, more attempts to spawn cells are now made per pass.
  • Mirror Armor will no longer cause a crash under certain circumstances.
  • You can no longer seperate your last pokemon from your party via the Reassembly Machine.
  • Z-Spikes now uses Groundium-Z instead of Normalium-Z.
Battle Fixes:
  • Sleeping bosses will no longer attack everyone.
  • Queenly Majesty will now protect allies from priority in doubles.
  • Queenly Majesty will also account for Spikes/Mold Breaker, and block Z-Moves.
  • Decidueye will no longer activate contact-based moves and abilities.
  • Laser Focus will now make sure the next move is a critical hit.
  • Fake Out will no longer work twice in a row.
  • Tearful Look will no longer claim to have 100 basepower, this was a visual error.
  • Pressure no longer takes PP from multi-hit moves multiple times.
  • Thousand Arrows now has neutral effectiveness against ungrounded Pokemon.
  • Flower Veil now takes Mold Breaker into account.
  • Leppa Berries are no longer consumed twice.
  • Soul-Heart now works as intended.
  • Parting Shot now forces the user to switch Pokemon.
  • Z-moves no longer keep the targeting info from the original move, this will prevent them hitting multiple targets in double battles.
  • Tactical and Advanced AI won’t betray you anymore.
  • Fleeing after U-Turn has been used now follows expected behaviour.
  • The above change also fixes Eject Button.
Quest Fixes:
  • Redstone Ore Quest now recognizes amounts, as do various other quests.