How To Compare Two Text Files In Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a great text editor i use, when i edit config files, or create scripts for my Minecraft modpacks.

Link to the text editor:

Sometimes when updating a mod in a pack, the config files changes. Maybe the dev have changed some values, or added some new options to the files. It is usually recommended to make the game create a new config, and then transfer the values from the old one, to the new one manually.

A feature in Sublime Text, helps a lot with this. As it can compare two files, and tell the difference between the two.


Make a folder, with the 2 text files you need to compare (I add “old” to the old config, and let the game generate a new one that i have also added to the folder)


Now Open Sublime Text, and press “files” then “open folder”, and select the folder you created. Now it should look similiar to this:


Now press “ctrl” on your keyboard, and select the two files. Then right click on one of them, and select “Diff Files…”


Now you can scroll down and see the differences between the two files, and edit them so they are the same.

Here you can see that “computerBoxes=256” is in the old file. And in the new one it is =30. So here i would edit the =30, to be the same as the old 256 value.

I hope this helped some of you. This can also be used for other cases, than just modpack makings. I hope to make more guides like these in the future. I also have plans on making a YouTube series, on how to make Minecraft modpacks.