MadPack: Release Changelog

This will be the post using for MadPack 3 Release Changelog:

As with all updates, you will most likely require a new world.

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Added BrandonsCore-
– Needed for Draconic Evolution

Added Custom Music Discs-1.7

Added CMD files

Updated BamsDongles-1.7.10-0.2.0
– Bampatongles Fragments and Ingots now have color names
– First Official “Final” Version of the Mod.
– Added Backseat Bams Base (It will create a Bams Base out of random blocks [Anything can happen])

Updated CustomSounds

Updated BiblioCraft[v1.11.4][MC1.7.10]
– Fixed a Big Book bug that I accidently caused in the v1.11.3 release that caused text to duplicate when turning pages.
– Fixed support for Forestry v4.x with the Furniture Paneler so the correct texture is obtained and it does not crash.
– Fixed a bug with the Big Book the caused unsaved content in the book to reset if the game window is resized.
– Added a config option to set the maximum render distance for paintings. They were previously limited to only 64 blocks of render distance.

Updated Decocraft-2.2.1_1.7.1
– Added missing language files.
– Fixed an over sized Watering can model.
– Added Radiator model.
– 20+ New Models
– Halloween Update
– Model placement and storage GUI Fixes.

Updated  Draconic Evolution 1.7.10 – Snapshot_5-Bugfix

Updated InventoryPets 1.7.10 1.3.5
– New Pet Race Pets: Illuminati Pet, Juggernaut Pet
– Plus, new Grave Pet (Saves Inventory on Death)
– Sponge Pet, (slightly) reduced the water absorption amount
– Improved the Drop Rate of Legendaries
– Fixed an exploit that kept pets happy even when not eating
– Fixed a bug where Nether Portal was dropping players to their doom from too high
– Heart Pet, upgraded to Regen IV, AOE now lasts 1 minute
– Shield Pet, upgraded to Resistance III, AOE lasts 1 minute
– Increased Pingot Detect and Auto-Extract Range
– Pingot now extracts in Creative Mode
– Added new achievement for Illuminati Confirmed! (Getting an Illuminati Pet from an Illuminati Pet)
– Removed Particle effects for Purplicious Cow and Mickerson
– Pets now consume Duct Tape, but it doesn’t heal them since it’s empty calories
– Multiple Chests & Double Chests now allowed in Hotbar
– Updated Chinese Language File (Thanks, ExtraMeteorP!)
– Loot Pet now longer stacks with Silk Touch or Looting
– Bed Pet no longer lets you sleep during the day (even when it protested)
– Illuminati Pet no longer aggros passive mobs
– Grave Pet and Juggernaut now work on servers
– Jukebox Pet no longer works while hungry
– Disabling individual recipes now working properly
– Fixed drop rate for legendaries in dungeons (they were all coming up slimes)
– Fixed drop rate for new pets (Juggernaut, Illuminati, Grave were not dropping at all!)
– Juggernaut no longer crashes servers. Now that’s a strong Pet 😛
– Moon Pet performance much improved on servers, including Crazy Craft
– Pet Names no longer disappear on servers for pets that have Right Click actions
– Improved the Timer on Juggernaut and Illuminati (now shows minutes + seconds)
– Added new Pets to Achievement system (Juggernaut, Illuminati, Grave)
– Added Ender Nugget drops to all Dungeon Chests
– Loot Pet now auto-smelts vanilla ores (for convenience and to prevent duping)

Updated Lycanites Mobs
– Rahovart is now rooted to it’s home spot if it has one (when spawned into it’s arena via it’s event, not via spawn egg).
– Rahovart can now be hit correctly with projectiles and some modded melee weapons.
– Entities are now registered in the Init step so that other mods can detect them in their Post Init step, entities however have their spawns registered in the Post Init step in order to catch all modded biomes, etc that are registered in the Init step.
– Fixed a crash caused by Summoning Pedestals with no player owner (can be created without owners using block placement commands such as from WorldEdit or block placing mods such as from Buildcraft).
– Spriggans should now deal damage again.
– Fixed a crash caused by owners with names that end in s (buggy punctuation code).
– Fixed a bug where custom item drops were shared for each mob where for example, if a mob dropped a custom drop and then another mob of the same type dropped a custom drop, only the last custom drop would remain on the s
– Silex, Ika and Cephignis are now immune to suffocation damage.
– Fixed various crashes triggered by other mods.
– Updated
– Rahovart now summons 1-3 Belphs per player every 5 seconds in phase 1 up from 1-2.
–  Zoataur can no longer move or attack while blocking, block less frequently and will stop blocking when at or below 25% health.
– Fixed an issue where Lycanites Mobs player data was not being saved, this includes Bestiary Progress, bound Pets and Mounts. Because of this bug introduced in, the update has been marked as unstable.

Updated MCA-1.7.10-
– Fix: RadixCore 2.1.1 is now required for a fix to language issues on a server.
– Feature: Diminishing returns from interactions can now be toggled on/off.
– Feature: Added dimension whitelisting for villager spawns.
– Feature: Added notification when villagers do not want to have additional children via cake method.
– Feature: Added relation tags to villagers you are related to (husband, wife, etc.).
– Feature: Multi-language support is back! Added Finnish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Turkish.
– Feature: Children and villagers can now be infected by zombies. Infected villagers can not do chores and may bite! They can be cured with a potion of weakness and a golden apple.
– Feature: You can now give armor to your children and other villagers.
– Feature: Improved inventory menu and added armor slots.
– Feature: You can now specify a player’s name in the villager editor and their skin will be applied to the villager.
– Feature: Added cooking option for your spouse.
– Feature: The whistle makes called villagers stay.
– Feature: Server owners can now configure child limits.
– Feature: Gifts are now configurable in MCA’s config file.
– Feature: Romantic interactions now have a proper chance of success on your spouse.
– Feature: If a villager is stuck in interaction mode, you can now clear it from the villager editor.
– Feature: Added ability to enable/disable structure spawning.
– Feature: Updated translations.
– Fix: Villager guards now account for armor on others.
– Fix: Engagement gifts were only retrievable from your spouse.
– Fix: It was possible for your spouse to be stuck holding a baby when you marry them.
– Fix: Possible crash while ending a marriage has been fixed.
– Fix: All item icons now display correctly.
– Fix: Villagers in an arranged marriage had the chance of getting married to someone else due to story progression.
– Change: All world-modifying destiny options will prompt for confirmation before spawning.
– Change: Getting ores from mining now uses weighted probability, reducing the potential for abuse.
– Technical: Rewrote marriage handling.

Updated  malisiscore-1.7.10-0.13.1
– A lot of bug fixes

Updated  malisisdoors-1.7.10-1.12.2
– A lot of bug fixes

Updated MP3 Bams Streaming Pack
– Fixes a lot of stuff
– Added a new End Splash screen.

Updated  RadixCore-1.7.10-2.1.1-universal
– Feature: Added support for unit testing.
– Feature: Language manager can now load multiple languages.
– Fix: Removed some console spam.
– Fix: Fixed language loading issues on servers.

Added around 45ish new BamBlocks
Added sounds to some old BamBlocks
Changed EMC of Flying ring
Fixed EMC issues
Disabled Lycanite monsters in Aether
Added a custom music disc reward to all quest and quest text to all quest, thanks to Gooderness
Added quest book voice over for the lore / introduction