Crundee Craft: 1.0.17 – Lots of changes

A update to Crundee Craft have just been released.


You can read the full changelog here:

Crundee Craft 1.0.17 Full Changelog:

Be sure to disassemble your Archimedes Ships before updating you can use the /asdisassemble command.

Removed Archimede’s Ships

Added Archimede’s Ships Plus
Added Moving World (Needed for Archimede’s Ships Plus)

Updated BiblioCraft[v1.11.4][MC1.7.10]
– Fixed a Big Book bug that I accidently caused in the v1.11.3 release that caused text to duplicate when turning pages.
– Fixed support for Forestry v4.x with the Furniture Paneler so the correct texture is obtained and it does not crash.
– Fixed a bug with the Big Book the caused unsaved content in the book to reset if the game window is resized.
– Added a config option to set the maximum render distance for paintings. They were previously limited to only 64 blocks of render distance.

Updated  DoggyStyle-
– Bug fix regarding puppies.
– Added the herding skill.
You must mate dogs of the appropriate breed to produce a puppy which will have the skill. Then you can craft various staffs which will indicate to the dog where to bring the animal. Once the dog has brought the animal to the staff, you can right click on the staff and instruct the dog to find another animal.

Updated  Decocraft-2.2.1_1.7.10
– 20+ New Models
– Halloween Update
– Model placement and storage GUI Fixes.
– Added missing language files.
– Fixed an over sized Watering can model.
– Added Radiator model.

Updated  RadixCore-1.7.10-2.1.1-universal
– Feature: Added support for unit testing.
– Feature: Language manager can now load multiple languages.
– Fix: Removed some console spam.
– Fix: Fixed language loading issues on servers.

Updated  inventorypets-1.7.10-1.3.6-universal
– New Feed Bag!
Hold all your pet foods in one place. Your pets will find the bag. Keep it anywhere in your main inventory. Pets will search here first before searching the rest of your inventory for food.
Recipe: Leather, String, Leather / Leather, Diamond, Leather / Leather, Chest, Leather
– Illuminati Pet
– True Invisibility now includes equipped armor and weapons (!)
– Spawn Random Item now has some more special drops, excludes lamps, and has a chance to drop 2 items at once.
– Much improved Squid swimming controls (credit: @FiskFille, yeah the Transformers Mod guy)
– Pet Namer now saves names properly in Server Environments
– Pets now have a verbal reaction after eating OreSpawn Duct Tape
– Juggernaut and Illuminati Pet timer updates no longer show when hungry
– Illuminati invisibility no longer uses timer in Creative Mode
– Heart Pet hardcore food changed to Brewing Stand (credit: Kehaan)
– Revamped Underwater Vision for Squid and Night Vision for Ocelot (credit: MegaOmega101)
– Lowered Anvil Repair volume, again (credit: Lachlan)
– Deleting Pets with Custom Names no longer wonks out future pet names (@TheProMilkman)
– DoubleChest now eats logs
– Sheep Pets falls more slowly
– Optimized all textures, file size down to 3.6mb
– Updated to latest recommended Forge version 1.7.10
– Config updates:
– New option to remove the Inventory Pets ‘update’ note
– New option to make Feed Bag non-craftable (credit: Kehaan)
– New option to vary pet feeding times for passive pets
– New option to prevent Spider, Chicken, Pig, Snow Golem from giving you items in your inventory
– New option to disable Illuminati spawn random item ability
– Achieve Items now hidden from NEI, so Rob doesn’t crash the server by trying to click on them (credit @Woofless)
– Elle no longer dies from Lightning during the Vampire event (credit: RikkudoSennin)
– Added alternate recipes for Emerald and Ender Nuggets recipes, to remove conflict with Forbidden Magic (credit: Baconus_Yum)
– Juggernaut and Illuminati Pet timers reset after feeding
– Banana Pet no longer loses name after throwing
– Deleted Pets with custom names caused auto-italics on future pets (credit: @TheProMilkman)
– Lower position of Grave Pet texture so you can see durability bar (credit: myself after much stupidity)
– Creeper Pet now consistently provides immunity to explosions (slugsmgee)
– Brewing Stand Pet continues spawning potions after inventory full

Updated  malisiscore-1.7.10-0.13.1
– A lot of bug fixes

Updated  malisisdoors-1.7.10-1.12.2
– A lot of bug fixes

Changed Archimedes ships to now be able to make ships up to 81920 blocks. Also enabled the Iterative Algorithm.

(Info for server owners: mod and config folder have been changed)