Farming Valley 0.6.3 Released

A update to Farming Valley have just been released.

This update, updates a few mods. It also makes the mining backpack work with the mining dimension, changes prices and add items to shops.

Full changelog can be found here:
Updated foamfix-0.4.2-law
– Add experimental BlockPos getter optimization
– Add server-side support
– Deduplication performance improvements
– Fix deduplication not considering an use case implemented by TCon2 (among others?)
– Add support for cleaning up wasted space in registries (saves ~32MB of RAM)

Updated SoulShards-TOW-1.10.2-2.6.7-48
– Fixed inability to spawn Elder Guardians

Updated ImmersiveEngineering-0.10-53
– added new shaders
– fixed Sample Drill crashing upon energy insertion
– fixed Tesla Coil crashing upon energy insertion
– fixed Revolver rendering on Tiny Potatoes
– fixed Refinery not allowing extraction
– fixed achievement for crafting the Mining Drill not firing
– retro-actively firing crafting achievements when modifying them in the workbench
– fixed Lightning Rod not building its fence-net properly
– fixed bounds and disassembly of the Lightning Rod
– fixed Splitting Conveyors sometimes not clearing temporary NBT data from entities
– fixed a bit of log spam by invalid/missing models
– fixed Blueprints not taking unstacked resources
– fixed Vertical Conveyors not rendering walls on their base properly
– fixed a dupebug with InventorySorter
– fixed Fluids not updating to existing entries when failing to register

Forestry Mining Backpack can now contain materials from the Mine Dimension thanks JarnoVH.
Forestry Mining recipe have been disabled. Now you buy it from the Mining Hut.
Giant Chance Cube can now be brought at Johan.
Chance Cubes price have been decreased from 50k to 20k
Petal Apothecary price decreased from 6mil to 5mil
You now buy Lunch Box and Lunch Bag from the Cafe, instead of crafting them.
You can now shapeless craft 1 wool into 1 string (or use machine to get more string out of one wool)
Version number in menu changed.

(Info for server owners: mods, config and script folder have been changed)