Fire In The Pipe 2.3.0 Released

A update to Fire In The Pipe 2 have just been released.

This update fixes some recipe and quest issues.

(Info for server owners: mods and configs have been changed)

Full changelog can be found here:

Updated gregtech-5.09.27
– Fix usablility of Single use batterys.(by Timeslice42)
– Fix Gas turbines/Diesel generators generating infinite fuel when using Universal Fluid Cells.(by Dimach)
– Fix Adv Miner II outputting wrong ores.(by codewarrior0)
– Fixed burn time of wooden covers.(by Dimach)
– Fix fluid regulators ignoring shutters.(by Dimach)
– Fix Plasma flow tooltip.(by Techlone)
– Add progress bar for last forge loading phase.(Recipe load)(by Данила Большаков)
– Fix Diesel Engine Tolltip.(by codewarrior0)
– Fix Diesel Engine output when boosted.(by codewarrior0)
– Fix efficiency calculation on large gas/plasma turbines.(by codewarrior0)
– Fix Oil Cracker tooltip.(by codewarrior0)
– Fix unlimited EU in Dynamo Hatch bug.(by codewarrior0)
– Fix mining laser recipe change.
– Disable markDirty Function of TileEntitys.(Achieved huge memory improvements in GT6, no testing in GT5 so far)
– Fixed ore harvest levels for new stone types(marble/basalt ores)(by Dimach).
– Various Fixes for Modular Armor.(By dgabehar)
– Fix ULV&LV cable recipes.
– Add marble and basalt to ore typefilter.
– Wrong type of steam inserted in steam turbine will now get voided to avoid getting stuck.
– Fix processtime calculation of LuV+ disassemblers.
– Fix food can recipes.
– Change hot coolant energy value to better fix IC2 heat exchangers.
– Fix efficiency data of Diesel engine.
– Add Magic super fuel recipes that work without thaumcraft.
– Naq Gen MK3 now needs molten enriched naquada instead of dust.
– Add new usages for Graphite(Neutron reflectors, 8+32V solars, carbon conversaton).
– Fix scanning for oil.
– Fix naquadah fuel rods heat bonus.
– Reduce damage senses take when harvesting ic2 crops.
– Fix sound when using the plunger.
– Fix Chlorine and Hydric Sulfide fluid states.
– Rebalance Rocket Fuel production costs.
– Fix broken Hydric Sulfide recipe.
– Add missing metaitems for GT++.
– Fix pollution effect coordinate calculation.
– EBF efficiency changes for better coils(-5% EU/t per 900K free heat capacity, One tier overclocking without efficiency loss every 1800K)

Updated GTTweaker-1.7.10-1.4.2
– Fix Plasma Arc Furnace fluid Output stack
– Fixes
– Even More Ordict rework
– More ordict rework
– fix pyrolyse oven spelling
– fixed ordict support
– Added Ore Dict support to Gt Machines (hope this Version works)

Updated iChunUtil-4.2.3
– Remove TheInfection from iChunUtil. It will be rewritten and readded properly in the future.

Updated industrialcraft-2-2.2.827-experimental
– Bug fixes

Updated inventorypets-1.7.10-1.4.9-universal
– Greatly reduced self-inflicted damage from Banana Pet to improve close combat (credit: Flexico)
– Banana Pet no longer replaces items that sneak into the throwing slot (after throwing) (credit: Medusalem)
– Server console now displays player name and item attempting to be spawned from Illuminati Pet (credit: mew2keegan)
– Solstice Sword now upgraded, but with less durability
– April Fool Pet items now hidden if April Fool Holiday disabled in config (credit: RazorX2014)
– Players now warned about Grave Pet not working with Advent of Ascension is installed at game start

Updated SGCraft-1.13.2-mc1.7.10
– The addressing scheme for dimensions has changed. Dimension addresses are now assigned dynamically, so dimension numbers are no longer restricted to -648 to 647 (there is a limit of 1296 different dimensions containing gates, but that’s very unlikely to be reached). Also, the dimension symbols are hashed with the rest of the address, so you can’t easily tell which dimension a gate is in from its address. As a result of these changes, if you have converted a world from a previous version, the reported addresses of existing gates will have changed in the last two characters. You will still be able to dial them using the old addresses, however.
– Order of chevron engagement is now more authentic.
– Improved repositioning of chevrons in response to base camouflage.
– Accidental breaking of a connected gate is prevented in creative mode.
– Fixed: Crash on casting a fishing line through a gate. (Can’t fish through the gate, though, sorry.)
– Fixed: Extra leash dropped when leashed entity passed through a gate.
– Fixed client crash on opening stargate GUI in multiplayer.
– Prevented power units from causing unnecessary chunk updates.
– Fixed 9-chevron engagement sequence.
– Added config option for whether to move chevrons when base camouflage present.
– Fixed Open Computers interfaces not being recognised by computers.

Updated WAILAPlugins-MC1.7.10-0.2.0-25
– Bug fixes

(Info for server owners: mods and config folder have been changed)