Farming Valley 0.6.5 Released

A update to Farming Valley have just been released.

Another small update, that fixes some bugs in the pack. But also adds new vanilla dungeons, and a new crystal cave.

Full changelog can be found here:

Updated ImmersiveEngineering-0.10-54
– added the Automated Engineer’s Workbench, allowing automated handling of Blueprint Recipes
– added the Turntable, a block that allows rotating of other blocks
– added the “Dominator” shader
– changed Wirecoils to change their distance display to red when too far from their linking point
– changed Graphite Electrodes to stack to 16 to make them more viable as Railgun ammo
– changed Assembler to allow crafting IC2 recipes (thanks Malte)
– fixed issues with lowercasing without locale
– fixed ThermoElectric Gens, Dynamos and Wire Connectors not handling Forge Energy
– fixed Shaderbags having their conversion recipes crash
– fixed duplicate rod recipes in the Metal Press
– fixed TConstruct book not showing Hemp item
– fixed multithreading issues (thanks Malte)
– fixed crash with unknown recipes in the Assembler (thanks Malte)
– fixed resource overhead with Bucket Wheel rendering (thanks Malte)
– fixed Manual not handling scrolling lists properly
– fixed Sheetmetal Tanks not rendering fluids with colour
– fixed Chemthrower not dropping player-only items (Blazerods)
– fixed Buckshot and Dragonsbreath having the wrong return cartridges and the wrong DamageSource
– fixed needless chunkupdates caused by Blastfurnace Preheaters
– fixed Splitting Conveyors flipping directions too early

Updated CraftTweaker-1.10.2-3.0.16
– Moved packets off the network thread
– Fixed the FileLogger crashing headless servers
– Fixed an issue on world load that some people were having
– Added a new script function

Updated Morpheus-1.10.2-3.1.13
– Reworked command handling

Updated Quark-r1.1-68
– Building: Vertical Wood Planks now use the vanilla textures rotated a bit, so they have out of the box support for resource packs.
– Decoration: Fixed quark chests not turning into presents during christmas.
– Decoration: Fixed the default bed color tooltip not working.
– General: Quark’s loot functions are now serializable and usable in json defined loot tables. They also won’t crash the game if used with LootTweaker.
– General: Removed a bunch of unused textures.
– Management: Fixed a crash when linking items.
– Management: Fixed the chat spam filter for linking items only kicking OPs rather than only kicking normal players.
– Tweaks: Added some vanilla texture changes. Right now the 1.8 stones, brick, glass, and pumpkin face textures are changed.
– Tweaks: Fixed the monster note block feature potentially breaking other mods’ custom noteblocks.
– Vanity: Fixed a crash when placing a boat in a server without quark. (note: you need to disable Boat Sails on your client for this to work)
– World: Added a feature to revamp the generation of the 1.8 stones to massive clusters. The same feature also adds Marble and Limestone as more stones to generate and build with.
– World: Added Crystal Caves that generate rarely around the underground. These contain colored crystals and some ores.
– World: Added Noodlor’s Dank Dungeons to world generation. These replace the vanilla dungeons.
– World: Costs for applying runes and ancient tomes now have config options.
– Tweaks: Fixed a crash on startup with the new resource pack feature. I couldn’t reproduce the issue so this may not fix it, but it should in theory.

Updated chiselsandbits-12.9
– Fix a crash with MCMP
– Fix a glitch with Leaves
– Fix a issue with mismatched states

(Info for server owners: mods, config have been changed)