Farming Valley 0.7.3 Released

A update to Farming Valley have just been released.

This update is a much needed price reduction update. Many of the prices in the pack have been placeholders. This update should make the prices much more balanced, and more fair. It will still be a grind to get some items/blocks, but much much more fair ūüôā Feel free to tweet at me, or use my contact button, if you have suggestions for prices, or feel like some should be changed once again. I will happy listen.

Info for server owners: mods, script and config folder have been changed.

Full changelog can be found here:

– Jenny now sells Bee House
– Apiary is now crafted, using 3 Bee Houses.
– Granny will now say she have open, friday, monday and tuesday, as she ealier only stated friday.

– Most IE items decreased from 2500 to 500
– Cloud Pet reduced from 1mil to 100k
– Illuminati Pet reduced from 4mil to 1mil
– Other pets reduced from 50k to 10k
– RailCraft Bore decreased from 2,5mil to 100k
– Soul Shard decreased from 7,5mil to 1mil
– ChanceCubes down to 1k and giant cube for 5k
– StorageDrawers decreased from 400k to 5000
– All Forestry FarmBlocks decreased from 50k to 5000
– sturdyMachine decreased from 300k to 20k
– Ingots down from 2500 to 100
– Minerbag from 50k to 25k
– Botania Altar from 5mil to 100k
– Lifeblood Crystals (extra hearts) from 1mil to 10k
– Chisel And Bits, down from 10k to 2,5k.
– Horse Upgrades from 2500 to 500
– RefineStorage Machine Casing down from 250k to 25k
– Refinded Storage Enriched Iron down from 5k to 100
– IE Blast Brick from 2k to 1k
– IE Redstone Engineerign Block from 5k to 2,5k
– SpiceOfLife lunchbox and lunchbag down from 2,5k to 2k
– Scoop, smoker grafter down from 2,5k to 2k
– Apatite 500 to 100
– Bibliocraft all items that was 1000 is now 500, all items that was 5000 is now 2000
– Psi is 100k
– Some of Grannys items have been reduced in price too
– Most likely many other price reductions i have forgot to write down xD

Updated ImmersiveEngineering-0.10-57
– added RazorWire! It pricks and slows, and you can electrify it.
– added Fluid Concrete. Slows entities down and immobilizes them when it dries
– added a Potion fluid. Effects vary on NBT data. Works in the Chemthrower, can be bottled in Bottling Machine.
– added blocks for (almost) all IE Fluids
– added the Mixer! It mixes solid components into fluids to make concrete or various potions!
– added Turrets! Configurable targeting, currently allowing for fluids (Chemthrower) or bullets (Revolver) as ammo
– changed Floodlights to allow inversion of redstone control
– changed Charging Station to allow charging Forge Energy items as well
– fixed Bottling Machine recipes not consuming fluid and duping items (thanks Malte)
– fixed Redstone Wires illegally connecting to relays
– fixed ArcFurnace recipes causing NPEs when added through Minetweaker
– fixed JEI handler preventing Draconic Evolution for loading theirs
– fixed OneProbe showing components of Multiblocks rather than the MB itself
– fixed derped texture on Metal Press
– fixed side-solidity for Stone Multiblocks
– fixed the density of Creosote Oil. A certain Lemming notified me that it’s in fact, denser than water.
– Translations Added/Updated: ru_RU (lex1975)

Updated jei_1.10.2-
– Lots of bug fixes

Updated MouseTweaks-2.8-mc1.10.2
– Lots of bug fixes

Happy Farming <3

(Info for server owners: mods, script and config have been changed)