Farming Valley 0.7.7 Released

A update to Farming Valley have just been released.

A huge thanks to  for letting me use his old Farming Valley world, to make this update. You can sub to him at

Info for server owners: mods, script and config folder have been changed.

Full changelog can be found here:

Changed some keybinds.
Mining Hut now sells some new items.
Katlin in the Cafe, now sells some new items.

Updated 2281 forge
– lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Updated AppleCore-mc1.10.2-2.1.2
– Improve startup time by ~67% (thanks @asiekierka [squeek502/ASMHelper#13])

Updated Baubles-1.10.2-1.3.10
– item on cursor will no longer be lost if you click on the baubles ring button
– fixed baubles button display text

Updated BedBugs-1.10.2-1.1.6
– Half completed messages no longer disappear when waking up.
– Added Chinese translation files (thanks Gonz0o11)

Updated BetterFoliage-MC1.10.2-2.1.5
– improved connected grass performance
– removed reeds and double plants from crop list
– added compatibility with FoamFix (anarchy) parallel model baking
– Population option for Short Grass
– Report unexpected render errors instead of crashing
– Tweak short grass color (works better with dark blocks now)
– Ars Magica 2 and AbyssalCraft support

Updated BiomesOPlenty-1.10.2-
– Lots of bug fixes

Updated ChanceCubes-1.10.2-
– Updated json field names
– Schematics now allow for delay before spawning
– Fixed a bug with the Inventory Bomb reward and offhand slots

Updated Chisel-MC1.10.2-
– Concrete Powder and Concrete Blocks.
– Coal, Charcoal, and Coke Fuel blocks. They are usable in furnaces.
– Drop Concrete Powder into Water to make Concrete Blocks. Just Add Water™!
– Reversable Crafting for Metal Blocks (Block -> 9 Ingots)
– Fixed a few Lang Problems
– Fixed NEI crash
– HOTIFX: Fixed ArrayOutOfBoundsException related to recipes

Updated CraftTweaker-1.10.2-3.0.24
– Fixed a dupe bug.

Updated CustomMainMenu-MC1.10.2-2.0.5
– Added: textOffsetX/Y for Buttons
– Added: anchor Property for Labels
– Changed: Unused categories like other can now be left out of the json file without causing crashes
– Fixed: Language Keys not working in Tooltips
– Fixed: #mcversion# Placeholder behaving incorrectly.
– Fixed: Updated apng Library so certain apngs shouldn’t cause crashes anymore

Updated Cyclic-1.10.2-1.10.22
– Fix broken texture in Pattern Builder.
– Fix error in Ender Book tooltip.
– The buttons to open your extended inventory & 3×3 crafting table now will show the letter of the key you have bound to open it; defaulting to the old ‘I’ ‘C’ as before if the keys are unbound.
– The Inventory Crafting and Inventory Upgrade cakes now stack to 64, up from 1.
– Mattock now has a tooltip.
– Reduced recipe cost of Ender Orbs.
– New Content: Safe Dynamite, Mining Dynamite, Monster Ball, Experience Pylon.
– Added new enchantments: Auto-Smelt and Experience Boost.
– Life Leech enchant now also restores a half heart with any damage dealt (it still restores some hunger and life on kill).
– Life Leech enchant now displays heart particles above your head when it heals you.
– Controlled Miner now has a toggle button to switch between a whitelist and blacklist.
– Removed debug messages cluttering log files.
– Fixed prospector getting the correct language file names from ores with metadata (such as from immersive engineering).
– Prospector now has more config settings for modpacks; either a whitelist or a blacklist of things to look for (as requested).
– Fix a (clientside) game crash that happened if you eat two inventory upgrades and have the keybinding disabled to open the screen.
Structure builder will now check if placement is valid before building (avoids saplings placed on air or on non-solid blocks for example)
– Fix harvester resetting its size property when chunk reloads.
– Fix Mattock tooltip.
– Add nether star and some progressive automation items to the uncrafting grinder default blacklist.
– Removed nether star from default Magic Bean loot table (existing config files unchanged and you could still add it back).
– Auto torch will no longer place in spectator mode.
Fix the sheep shear exploit (issue 346)
– Auto Fisher now compatible with aquaculture, basemetal, modernmetal fishing rods.
– Automatic User now correctly drops output items, such as milk buckets.
– Patch Automated User to avoid crashes when interacting with mobs from Minecraft Comes Alive mod.
– Exchange scepters now attempt to correctly set block rotation on placement.
– Exchange scepter mod compatibility fix with Painted Slabs from Ender IO.
– Fix Ender Torch and Torch Launcher from double placing torches with a single shot
– zh_CH.lang updated.
– Fix harvester sometimes crashing when used on agricraft crop sticks or Pixelmon apricorns.
– Fix a client side crash when the mod thinks you are trying to right click an item to turn a bauble off ( )

  • New Features in Password Trigger:
    • It has two modes: it can toggle on and off like before, or Pulse mode will output a short button-pulse when it gets the password
    • Security: you can claim the block so nobody else can use or set the password.

– Fix the Password Trigger GUI closing when typing ‘e’ into textbox (or whatever key is bound to open inventory).

  • Blocks and World generation added: Nether Iron, End Iron, Nether Redstone, End Gold (by request)
    • controlled in config the same way as the rest of the world gen
    • Bugfix to make sure corrupted chorus data persists through death.
    • Fan block has a new GUI Screen to control range, direction, and toggle particles off.
    • Charms can now be turned off by right clicking them on the inventory.
    • Purple power armor can now be turned off by right clicking as well.

Updated DeathQuotes-1.2.0-mc1.9to1.10.2-forge
– Updated the default file   deathquotes.txt  to have 620 quotes.  Thats 173 more.  =)
– Fixed a bug:  Aparently in version 1.0.1 of this for Minecraft 1.9 and up I made a mistake.  In those versions only the player that died would get the Death Quote message.  But the older versions were working correctly and sending it to all players in-game at the time.  This is now fixed that so all versions correctly announce Death Quotes to all players.  oops.  fixed now.  Now you can tease your friends about their death quote when they die.  lol (fully tested for all versions)

Updated EnderCore-1.10.2-
– Prevent giving XP to machines using enchanted items Fix potential vulnerability in MessageTileEntity

Updated foamfix-0.6.2-anarchy
– Slight load time optimization for the “optimizedBlockPos” patch
– Optimize FoamFix’s coremod.optimizedBlockPos transformer to run faster (in local testing, 850ms -> 150ms overhead)
– Add parallel model baking to speed up loading times
– Add optimizations to VertexLighterFlat inspired by @bs2609 and @thecodewarrior’s comments
– Add minor patch to replace Class.getSimpleName with Class.getName in World.updateEntities
– Remove unnecessary fluff

Updated forestry_1.10.2-
– Lots of bug fixes

Updated Harvest-Festival-1.10.2-0.5.27
– Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by Brittahplay
– Fixed crops fake ‘dying’ when crop death from lack of water is off
– Reduced the frequency of dark mobs

Updated Hwyla-1.8.13-B27_1.10.2
– Fixed alternate crop getter always using a meta of 0
– If you continue to have problems with it, disable it.
– /dumphandlers now includes NBT handlers
– Server now makes sure a requested block is loaded before attempting to access it
– Removed some needless data from the data request packets
– Packet size is now much smaller
– Added TehNut to author list
– Added a short description to the explaining that the user is using Hwyla
– [API] Added nullability annotations to almost the entire API
– [API] Modified some of the javadocs to be somewhat more informative
– Fixed furnace display not working
– Fixed Jukebox always displaying as empty
– Fixed localization for Redstone power level
– Added config to stop the item from rendering in the tooltip

Updated inventorypets-1.10-
– [1.10.2, 1.11.2] Pet Ability Tooltips and other text now localizable
– Updated Spanish Translation – credit: @mixetaivan
– Updated Russian Translation – credit: @TheAlfak
– Updated German Translation – credit: TheBusyBiscuit, EnderMuffin55
– Added Catalan Translation – credit: @mixetaivan
– Added Finnish Translation – credit: @TheTouho10
– Added Pirate Translation = credit: TheBusyBiscuit
– [1.10.2, 1.11.2] Spawn Living Anvil and Spawn Living Bed now working properly, with improved interactions
– [All] House Pet no longer sends you underground if your SpawnPoint is not set
– [All] Illuminati Pet cooldown now working properly if extended past 2.5 minutes. Can now be extended up to 10 minutes. (credit: Jo-Mamma75 / FoolCraft team)
– [All] April Fool Pet no longer performs the ‘drop’ or ‘replace armor’ prank if mob griefing gamerule is set to false (credit: ariosos)
– [All] Armor and items repaired by Living Anvil should now keep their repairs after being thrown from inventory
– [1.10.2, 1.11.2] Disabling April Fool pet no longer crashes game (credit: PrinceOfAmber)
– [1.10.2, 1.11.2] Chest, Double Chest, Feed Bag can now be opened with the offhand without crashing the game (credit: RWBYKing)
– [1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2] After many spirited debates with a few MC players, the April Fool Grief Pranks (drops, armor switch) are now turned off by default. You can re-enable these pranks through the config (Enable April Fool Grief Pranks = True).
– [1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2] Updated World Generation to fix error with cascading worldgen (credit: Boodaflow, thanks: Mezz)
– [1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2] Dungeon Generation now compatible with Biome Dictionary, fixes compat with Biomes of Plenty, ATG, etc. (credit: malwilson)
– [1.10.2, 1.11.2] Fixed null pointer error caused by Illuminati Pet (credit: SaiyanKirby)

Updated inventorysorter-1.10.2-0.11.0+47
– inventorysorter-22 Armor Dup Bug closes #22
– Update to latest forge RB, clean up a deprecation warning.
– Add slot blacklisting, to just completely nuke the bloody things from orbit. Expose an IMC so other mods like pack mods can force a blacklist if another slot type proves troublesome in future.
– Fix furnace and brewing stand dupes.
– Attempt to fix baubles dupe without depending on baubles. Hope this works.
– Trying a fix for baubles sorting. Unsure if it’ll work.

Updated IvToolkit-1.3.3-1.10 jei_1.10.2-
– Mock worlds (capturing world data also works in mock worlds)
– Mazes now group together similar components to improve performance when choosing one
– Weighted selectors were not considering double error margins well
– BlurredValueField can now load from NBT again

Updated Levels 2-1.10.2-r1.2.8
– Fixes crash when not holding an item.
– Fixes crash when not wearing armor.
– Fixes crash with arrows.
– Added a message explaining Levels after crafting a sword. Must have achievements on for it to work.
– Removed login message.
– Added tooltips underneath abilities explaining what they do.
– Fixed duplication bug on servers.
– Fixes issues with r1.2.8

Updated MTLib-1.0.2
– Added a wrapRecipe method

Updated natura-1.10.2-

– New:

  • Redwood Trees
  • Seed and bone meal bags
  • Crops
  • Glowshrooms
  • Tools
  • Bluebell Flowers
  • Vines
  • Sticks
  • Doors
  • Hwyla support
  • Bloodwood trees
  • Growing Overworld Saplings when in a superflat world
  • Netherite Dimension
  • Every Decorative Item/Block (Buttons, Fences, Fence Gates, Trap Doors, Pressure Plates)
  • Blaze Rails
  • Netherrack Button, Lever, Pressure Plate
  • Netherrack Furnace
  • Saguaro Catcus is back!
  • Every Recipe was missing
  • Saguaro Fruit can be placed, but only by someone in creative.
  • A creative tab just for decorative items, which now has the stairs and slabs in it.
  • Small Glowshrooms now generate in the nether!
  • All the clouds will now generate in the world
  • You can now blacklist dimensions to not generate any WorldGen from Natura, like how the clouds have a blacklist.

– Bugfixes:

  • Fix Hopseed tree’s not generating
  • Fix some other world generation issues
  • Crop Generator causing recursive chunk generation
  • Redwood Saplings no longer take over the world
  • Language issues regarding tools, the nether doors, and every new item/block added
  • Nether hopper being added when the nether portion of the mod is disabled
  • Vines generating with different orientations when growing downwards
  • Food shouldn’t be eaten when saturation is full
  • Language issues regarding seeds and other items
  • Natura trees not generating when the overworld portion is disabled
  • Darkwood Leaves now drop the correct sapling and not a ghostwood one with no texture!
  • Glowshrooms now give off light!
  • Growing Redwood and Purple Glowshrooms will now NOT replace blocks that it isn’t meant to replace! (such as RF Banks will not be replaced, but grass and leaves will be)
  • Bloodwood Trees and Fusewood Trees now drop the correct sapling.
  • Waila will now show the correct leave type for Bloodwood, Ghostwood and Fusewood.
  • Fix the incorrect value for the drop chance of the saplings from Nether leaves.
  • Tainted Soil, Nether Logs, Redwood Logs, And Overworld Logs now have a tool assigned to them for harvesting them

Updated Railcraft_1.10.2-10.1.1
– NEW: Smoker and Feed Station restored.
– NEW: Signal Boxes restored.
– NEW: Turnouts, Wyes, and Switch Actuators restored.
– NEW: Spike Maul is used to swap between Flex, Junction, Wye.
– NEW: Sounds restored.
– NEW: Added a SkyGen config for mines for testing purposes.
– NEW: Added Bronze, Nickel, and Invar ores and metals. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
– NEW: Added Brick variants of the new vanilla stone types. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
– NEW: Pearlized Brick an Ender Pearl themed Brick added. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
– NEW: Rolling Machine has been restored. Should fix most recipe issues.
– NEW: Added Manual Rolling Machine, it requires no power, but requires the player’s presence to craft. Does not interact with pipes.
– NEW: Added Messenger Track Kit, a track that sends a chat message when passed. (contribution by liach)
– NEW: Riding and Ridden Routing conditionals replaced with the Rider conditional. See GitHub Issue #844 for details.
– NEW: Placing a malformed Routing Table into device will now pop up the GUI to tell you it is erroring.
– NEW: Sneak clicking with an empty hand on Routing device will now allow you to edit the contained Routing Table directly.
– NEW: You can now disable Railcraft enchantments, and moved to Magic module.
– CHANGED: Some of Brick recipes have been Tweaked to reflect various changes in Vanilla. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
– FIX: Various IC2 integration fixes. (contribution by GeneralCamo)
– FIX: Notepad should now interact with the world properly.
– FIX: Charge Feeders should now properly respond to Redstone under all conditions.
– FIX: Reduced Tunnel Bore log spam.
– NEW: Added reverse mode to Throttle Track. (contribution by Cream Tea)
– NEW: Zap sounds and effects.
– FIX: Fix crash when looking at an Admin Charge Feeder with TheOneProbe.
– FIX: Fix rendering issues with Box connections.
– FIX: Routing Detector and Actuator no longer call client code from the server and crash.
– FIX: Add temporary crafting recipe for the Charge Trap.

Updated RecurrentComplex-1.3-1.10
– #map and /#mapall that runs a (compatible) command on a structure and immediately saves it!
– Tile entities generation is now a lot more stable, especially in terms of modded tile entities!
– /#writeall to write all existing files to the custom folder
– SpruceTree only consisted of two blocks, and a bunch of trees had wrong leaf types in them
– Some links to the newly launched official Recurrent Complex repository!
– On server start, ReC now outputs some links / help to get people started with modifying structures (opt-out in the config)
– Some trees were generating away from their saplings
– The mod now ceases to require Forge on the other end as well, making servers open to vanilla clients!!!!
– New surface-entry mazes for stone, meso and pyramid mazes!!!
– Structure generation is now chunk-partial: This should improve performance and reduce chained chunk generation!!
– Structure Variables: With these you can set variables per structure to further randomize it, or save time for maze components!!!
– 3 kinds of jungle temples holding mazes (thanks KeizerKronos)!!
– Re-Activate a lot of structures that were lost in a past update!!
– With more tries per failed structure spawn, structure densities persist better with structures that fail to spawn often – also makes forests a lot denser!!
– All existing mazes have been enhanced with more components, more randomness and quicker generation!!
– Previews now work for bigger structures as well, and will never crash the game again!!
– Expression conditionals: a ?? b :: c (ternary operator)!
– Better maze reachability prediction, which means mazes generate more quickly and more reliably!
– Script Blocks now work correctly in mazes!
– /#flood which floods an area around the selection with blocks!
– Japanese fort ruins (thanks Necr0manceR13)!
– An abandoned church with a graveyard (thanks doktorpixel14)!
– A rare, big cubone skull (thanks Crystal_LD)!
– A decorational brick henge!
– Some things now have duplicate buttons!
– Maze path components are now all the same structure (StoneMazePath, MesoMazePath and PyramidMazePath)
– Dinosaur skull and skeleton structures now use bone blocks
– Less structures that are just 1 block tall
– /#move now doesn’t trigger block updates, making it run a lot quicker
– More and better logging
– Better ruins generation algorithm
– GUI aligns better in places
– GUI abbreviates things better
– Expression preview now colours the whole preview correctly
– The add/remove tile entity button in the inspector GUI works again
– wood_old slabs in structures have completely been replaced with actual wood slabs
– Fix for a potential crash when loading a structure spawn script
– Fix for a crash when inventory generators used null stacks
– Improvements to chunk-partial generation
– There are now less dead trees in forests on average
– Mazes can now have inherent reachability
– Fix for a crash with the ruins transformer where BoP plants, snow and other blocks existed for falling blocks
– Some GUI adjustments

Updated refinedstorage-1.2.25
– Implemented support for the Forge update JSON system (raoulvdberge)
– Fixed crash in storage cache (raoulvdberge)
– Fixed Crafting Pattern model (pauljoda)
– Fixed Constructor not working on Botania flowers (raoulvdberge)
– Fixed Disk Manipulator crash (raoulvdberge)
– Fixed slow oredict comparisons causing TPS lag (raoulvdberge)
– The Detector no longer outputs a strong redstone signal (raoulvdberge)
– Made the keybinding to focus on the Grid search bar configurable (way2muchnoise)
– Autocrafting bugfixes (way2muchnoise)
– Fire event on completion of an autocrafting task (way2muchnoise)
– Fire playerCrafting event when shift clicking in the grid (way2muchnoise)
– Allow INodeNetwork instances to return an ItemStack for display in Controller GUI (bmwalter68)

Updated StorageDrawers-1.10.2-3.7.4
– Restored shading to item labels (big thanks to codewarrior0)
– For resource pack makers, item labels now honor the “statusArea” section of the dynamic folder json
– Fix ticking crash if compacting drawer is in a weird state.
– Fixed compacting drawers not rendering status upgrade background.
– Fixed labels sometimes rendering strange when vanilla skull blocks are nearby.
– Fixed compacting drawers voiding material if only fractional space remaining.
– Fixed upgrades not shift+clicking into upgrade slots in GUI.
– Fixed drawer GUI showing 0 or negative items on servers
– Improved compatibility with block placers (like builder wands)

Updated SpiceOfLife-mc1.9.4-1.3.8
– Fix client crash when picking up an item while in the food journal screen (#63)

Updated ToughAsNails-1.9.4-1.1.1
– Canteens are no longer repairable
– Fixed TAN torch model loading errors
– Fixed campfires not burning out
– Fixed potion effect gui icons
– Beds no longer move forward large periods of time randomly
– Fixed severe performance issues due to snowflake particle collisions from the cooling coil
– Fixed dragon’s breath collection with bottles
– Fixed bottle duplication when collecting water
– Right clicking filled cauldrons with random blocks no longer gives dirty water bottles
– Fixed Vanilla water bottles not increasing thirst bar
– Lit furnaces now act as a heatsource
– Added marcoasfonseca’s Portuguese translation
– Adjusted the time difference calculation for sleeping & seasons

Updated Wawla-1.10.2-
– lots of bug fixes

Updated Waddles-1.10.2-0.5.2
– Added support for Biome Dictionary (Penguins should now spawn in any modded biome with the appropriate Biome Dictionary tags)
– Tweaked penguin ambient sounds, to hopefully make them less annoying


Happy Farming <3

(Info for server owners: mods, script and config have been changed)