Adventure Saving gurli from the giant spider modlist

Another adventure with the youtuber MisterCrainer have been made and released. This time it use some very nice mods like The Erebus. I have included a modlist under his video of the most important mods, if you want to check out the dimension by yourself. Note the adventure is not public, as it was custom made.

antiqueatlas (The map)
BiblioCraft (Some of the decorations)
CandyCraft (The Gingerbread people dimension)
Chisel2 (A lot of the building blocks)
CodeChickenCore (NEI)
CustomNPCs (The quest givers)
Decocraft (Some of the small decorations)
fastcraft (Performance increase)
mystcraft (Portals)
NotEnoughItems (NEI)
TheErebus (The dimension with the spider)
VendingMachinesRevamped (The vending machines in the hub)
Waila (The gui on the top, that displays what you are looking at)