MadPack: Beta 7.1 Changelog

This will be the post using for MadPack 3 Beta 7.1

As with all updates, you will most likely require a new world.

Last edited: 9. October

Added BamBlocks-1.7.10-0.1
Added BlockProperties-1.7.10-0.1.2
Added Custom Sounds
– I may move this to BamBlocks later. But so far its a resourcepack having all the sounds for the blocks.
Removed Lucky Blocks

Updated AppleMilkTea2-1.7.10_V2.8g
– Fix : Fix wrong receiving SS2 GF. (fix again…)
– Fix : Now the dispenser can handle the Black TeaMaker.
– ex : Add new sell items to Rotary Dial Shop (That appear when introduced MCEconomy2.)
– api : Fix the Yuzu Gatling Gun shooting event.

Updated BamsDongles-1.7.10-0.1.2
– Added Altars for Lycanites Mobs (Must be turn on on the configs)
– Added Compressed Obsidian, Smooth Obsidian and Obsidian Bricks
– New Render and Texture for the Get Caged
– Recipe for extractor sides gives 2 sides now
– Recipe for extractor panel requires only 4 green fragments
– Extractor requires now only 2 side panels
– Bampatongle ore now drops 2 extra fragments at least
– Bampatongle ore now drops extra with “Fortune” enchantment

Updated BiblioCraft v1.11.2
– Added a config option to disable recipe book crafting
– Added a config option to force books added to the typesetting table be either public or private. Private by default.
– Fixed a crash with the Stockroom Catalog when trying to add a block inventory that doesn’t have an inventory name.
– Fixed a crash with Framed Chests when certain items / blocks are placed inside the chest

Updated DimHub-1.7.10-0.0.19
– Moved events handlers to postInit

Updated HardcoreEnderExpansion  MC-1.7.10  v1.8.4
– Fixed Compendium not returning to previous screen (caused item loss in crafting table)
– Fixed Music Discs crashing when used on a wrong tile entity
– Fixed biome replacement to stop Anti ID Conflict from complaining
– Fixed debug mode crashing on servers under certain circumstance
– Not Enough Items integration no longer intercepts recipe/usage keys, only Compendium key

Updated industrialcraft-2-2.2.780-experimental
– A lot of bug fixes

Updated InventoryPets-1.7.10-1.3.3
– Disabling individual crafting recipes now functions properly
– Legendary Pets no longer craftable by default (doh)
– Major exploit fixed. Not even going to say what it was, it was so bad. (the shame)
– Players walk (levitate) closer to lava/water when using Magma Cube or Sponge (credit: @TheProMilkman)
– Cloud Blocks and Spawners now officially harvestable with a Diamond Pickaxe (and up) with Silk Touch (credit: @Jayg3r, MichaelTon, and aaronkatz123)
– Loot Pet no longer works on other players (credit: MrWisski, Leonyx1175)
– Jukebox Pet now makes a sound and stops working when hungry
– Added new messaging for Nether Portal (patience is a virtue)
– Added ability to remove Sponge Water Absorb in config (credit: I didn’t write it down!)
– Changed Coal Nuggets recipe to make 8 nuggets instead of 9, to make it consistent with its fuel value (credit: IANNOVA)
– Extended effect timer on Moon
– Lowered cooldown on Shield and Heart

Updated LycanitesMobsComplete
– Improved Rahovart’s damage mitigation.
– Rahovart now does additional damage to entities that aren’t players and pets owned by players.
– New Block Added: Summoning Pedestal
– Changing a Pet or Mount’s behaviour will no longer incorrectly consume Spirit.
– The Mountain Soulstone no longer incorrectly gives a Beholder.
– Fixed a GUI bug with Pet/Mount/Minion scrolling lists where the last element wouldn’t scroll into view and couldn’t be selected.
– Added new config options for block break based spawn types to be player only. This for example can be enabled to prevent Geonach from spawning from BuildCraft Quarries.
– Rahovart’s arena has a thicker floor.
– The Shade mount ability now costs all 100 stamina up from 20.
Increased the swarm rate of Gorgomites.
– By default, March of The Gorgomites can now only start from day 10.
– Rahovart’s empowered hellfire attacks now remove all beneficial vanilla buffs from targets.
– Rahovart’s damage cap is now down to 25 from 50.
– Boss Event announcements should now work every time on the client side rather than the first time in a session.
– Changed the order that mob spawns are registered, this should fix compatibility with mods that add biomes in the Init stage rather than the PreInit stage such as Aethercraft.
– Fixed a major crash caused by a player with no summonable minions set or available in their Beastiary placing a Summoning Pedestal. If you are unable to access a world due to this bug then this update will make it accessible again.
– The Soulgazer is no longer consumed in crafting recipes.
– Fixed a crash caused by opening a Summoning Pedestal on a dedicated server.

Fixed text error in the Rehovart quest, mentioning the pillars was 4 obs + diamond. When it is 3 obs + diamond.
Made some changes to the Rehovart boss
Added 2 new End Quest
Deleted all Reward bags – there will be rewards again. Most likely in next update.