MadPack: Beta 5 Changelog

This will be the post using for MadPack 3 Beta 5.

As with all updates, you will most likely require a new world.

Last edited: 4. September – Update out now

Updated Artifacts-1.1.3
– bug fixes

Updated ae2stuff-
– Bug fixes

Updated AppleMilkTea2-1.7.10_V2.8e
– add : Add the base soup bowls (food entity)
– fix : Fondue recipes was not functioning properly.
– fix : Removed FileNotFoundException from some entity rendering.
– fix : Wrong drop items from the clam sand and the shrubs.
– plugin : Shrubs (ex. tea tree) can be cultivated by the FFM Multi Farm.

Updated MP3 Bams Streaming Pack
– New texture for donut
– Name/Text fixes

Updated Buildcraft 7.0.21
– Blueprint Library GUI improvements (asie)
– Clay fluid pipe (asie)
– Fluid pipe capacity scaling with fluidMultiplier (asie)
– Zone Planner improvements (dynamic texture, zooming in) (asie)
– Fixed [#2939] Quarry makes server crash when used and chunkloading is off in some cases (asie)
– Fixed Builder inconsistently respecting OreDict (knexer)
– Fixed ClassCastException when trying to plant reeds (hea3ven)
– Fixed Random minor crashes (asie)

Updated bdlib-
– Bug fixes

Updated Extra Utilities 1.2.11
– Added Mini-chests (smaller chests with only one slot)
– Added Slightly-larger chests (standard 27-slot chests that are full blocks and don’t connect to neighbours)
– Fixed Builders wand eternally right-clicking the same location.

Updated malisiscore-1.7.10-0.12.9
– Bug fixes

Updated malisisdoors-1.7.10-1.9.5
– Fixed possible crash with VanishingBlocks.
– Fixed lighting issue with some items.

Updated OpenModsLib-1.7.10-0.8
– Feature: expanded serialization utilities (including generic and nullable values)
– Feature: IPlacerAwareTile, for more reliable block-place callback
– Feature: font scale configurable in language files
– Fix: ton of stuff

Updated OpenBlocks-1.7.10-1.4.4
– Fix: crayon block destructible in adventure mode
– Fix: vacuum hopper fluid bar not updating
– Fix: bear traps keep entities trapped after game restart
– Fix: canvas block breaking animation
– Fix: luggages keep their enchantments when placed in world and broken again
– Fix: luggages can now be named with name tags
– Fix: trophies resetting item spawn timer when broken
– Tweak: bear traps open when trapped entity is killed
– Tweak: flim-flam now has blacklist/whitelist switch

Updated RadixCore-1.7.10-2.0.3-universal
– Fix: RadixCore configuration file was not saving.
– Technical: Update checker address of our mods has been changed.

Removed rftools
Removed bluepower
Removed QmunityLib

Changed most of Deep Dark Quest
Kill Slider Quest (Aether Quest) is now repeatable, and gives you more Slider Dungeon portals.
Disabled aether dungeon generation (You now get them only as rewards)
Added 1 new optional quest to aether, to craft healing stones
Removed angel block quest reward from aether quest.
Draconium ore now only spawns in the end
Removed Apple from Transmutation quest reward, as there is no need for it anymore.
Added 5 new reward bags