MadPack: MadPack 3 Beta 4.4 Changelog


MadPack 3 Beta 4.3 changelog can be found here.

As with all updates, you will most likely require a new world.

WARNING: Earlier beta worlds WONT work with this update.

Updated BamsDongles-1.7.10-0.0.12D
– Quickfix for the BamsCage (Get caged) block – Crashing when activated (Right Click) with an empty hand
– Quickfix the Pickappa was not taking damage
– Chances to get 1 Bams TShirt using the pickappa is 1 in 10000 now (With veinminer 1000 was too easy to get one)

Fixed Slime Queen quest reward
Fixed Pilgram reward crash bug
Fixed Pickappe nether quest
Fixed Licorice Bettle quest