Fire In The Pipe 2.3.3 Released

A update to Fire In The Pipe 2 have just been released.

Previous update:

This update fixes a lot of bugs like Twitch emotes not working, but also add new machines and much much more. Be sure to read the full changelog. Also thanks to Kropter with the suggestion, you can now craft Grout in the Mixer. Also the ExtraUtils Blackout curtains not being able to be crafted, have now been fixed with a new recipe.

Thank you and for old testing worlds.

(Info for server owners: config, mods and script folder have been changed)

Full changelog can be found here:

Updated gregtech-5.09.31

  • Cables and Pipes now have hitboxes fitting their visual size.
  • Cables and Pipes can be hidden for better view by holding a soldering iron.
  • Changed Oregeneration to prevent worldgenloops in combination with other mods. This causes the orevein type to change when recreating the world with same seed.
  • IC2 Reactor vents can again used as covers. Vent covers now speed up machine processing by 1-3%.
  • Pollution is now visible as fog.
  • Fix hiding of ores in NEI(might need to reset NEI cache) to show.
  • Fix prospecting with hammer not working for marble and basalt.
  • DataOrb and DataStick are no longer circuits. Replacement added.
  • Port of GT6 timber function.
  • Attempted fix for fluids no longer getting accepted by machines if mods added after world creation changed the fluid map.
  • Fix reinforced stone not preventing monsterspawn.
  • Added config to disable cleanroom.
  • Fix IC2 Classic compatibility.
  • Made many more lines translateable.
  • Improved Transformer information on modechange.
  • Large boiler speed can now be controlled like large heat exchanger.
  • Large boiler fuel list added to nei.
  • Improved pollution tooltips.
  • Improved EBF and Diesel Engine tooltips.
  • Fix issues on recipe search of multiblocks involving fluids.
  • Added config to allow fully automated maintenance.
  • Multiple fixes for the modular armor.
  • Wireless redstone reciver(internal) now counts as machine controller.
  • Multiple spelling fixes.
  • Fix MicrowaveTransmitter and Teleporter incorrectly loading.
  • Fix Compressed meteoric iron recipe(GC).
  • Casings/reinforced stone now transfer strong redstone signals.
  • Cleanroom controller outputs now redstone signal depending on cleanness.
  • Oil Refining Upgrade:
  • Rebalanced Oil Cracking.
  • Destillation Tower has now variable size from 4-12 blocks high. Recipes output up to 11 fluids.
  • Nitro Disel renamed to Cetane Boosted Fuel. Now made with Tetranitromethane instead of Glyceryl Trinirate.
  • Two new rubber types(Silicone Rubber and Styrene-Butadiene rubber).
  • New Rubbers nessary for IV+ cables.
  • Addition of BioDiesel made from Seed or Fish oil.
  • Pyrometallurgy update:
  • Advanced processing recipes for processing dusts in Blast Furnace.
  • Higher metal outputs possible with more work.
  • Eventually more byproducts.
  • Crushed ores and dusts smelting output changed.
  • Circuit/Chemistry Update rebalancings:
  • General cost reduction for circutis.
  • Circuit Boards from Epoxy moved up one tier but stays nessary after that.
  • Added new Plastic circuit board in place of old epoxy board.
  • Cheaper Vacuum Freezer.
  • More Niobium sources(As it is now used a lot in endgame).
  • More choices for chemical processing recipes cell usage.
  • Cheaper recipes in assembler for first circuits.
  • Assembly Machines now have 6 inputs too.
  • Cleanroom can be disabled in Config.
  • New Bricked Blast Furnace as alternative for Bronze Blast Furnace. (However disabled in this pack)
  • Assembly Line Recipes can now be seen in NEI after they got reseached and unlocked as achievement.
  • Bugfixes on Underground oil and Pollution saving.
  • Additional Pollution Effects.
  • Assembly lines now can have Data Access Hatches that store multiple recipes in Data Sticks.
  • Addition of Item Distributor. Can split up items evenly on all output sides.
  • Rebalancing of Chemical Recipes from .30 update.
  • Addition of single block LV and MV miners.
  • Coloring fix on pyrolysis oven.
  • Addition of new ZPM and UV Batteries. Recipes must be enabled in OPConfig.
  • Addition of MK II and III Oil Drills.
  • Pyrolyse oven can now be made with all coils and speed scales according to coil tier.
  • New Itempipes(Tin, Nickel,Cobalt, Aluminium)
  • Fix oregen not being constistent with identical world seeds.
  • Changed recipe for Fluid Canner.
  • Patch for AE2 Energy Tunnel to transfer GT EU. (Default off, has to be enabled in config).
  • Made some Assembly line recipes cheaper(needs datasticks to be remade).
  • Fixed reusage of Datasticks sometimes breaking Assemblyline recipes.
  • Fix Cheese/Dough recipe mixups.
  • Fix adv circuit achievement.
  • Removed not worldgen GT ores from MFR Laser Drill(with config)

Updated inventorypets-1.7.10-

  • [1.7.10 only] Illuminati Pet blacklist added
  • Ocelots now send Creepers in multiple random directions and no longer create Creeper Parties
  • Ocelot fishing finding frequency has been reduced
  • Books can now be properly enchanted with the Enchanting Table Pet 
  • Dungeon guards will not longer continue spawning if other guards are around
  • Fixed big exploit with passive pets. How nobody else found this in the 2+ years of this mod’s existence (inlcluding me), we will never know (credit: FKFHNIS)
  • Fixed issue with Banana occasionally disappearing when original slot full (credit: FKFHNIS)
  • Fixed Banana Pet dupe when close to objects
  • Fixed label for hardcore mode Enchant Table
  • Experience Points now properly deducted by Enchanting Table
  • Fixed night vision conflicts with Witchery, AbyssalCraft, and a few others
  • Anvil Pet no longer ruins chisels from Chisels and Bits
  • Reworked Sea Caves to fix longstanding Cascading World Gen error.
  • Optimized World Gen and improved overall performance
  • Fixed issue with ticking blocks on world borders once and for all (credit: ZEROOblivious, runescapejon)
  • Hardcore Heart and Illuminati Pet now properly eat their foods when set to Hardcore Mode

Updated EiraMoticons_1.7.10-1.3.88

  • Fixed emote loading slowing down the Minecraft loading
  • Update TwitchEmotes API to v3 (811Alex x OscarXcore)
  • Added support for Twitch Prime emotes (811Alex x OscarXcore)

Updated ChanceCubes-1.7.10-

  • Updated to new web access point and off of github (As always all web stuff can be turned off in the config)

Updated BiblioCraft[v1.11.7][MC1.7.10]

  • Fixed a crash when the server was loading, this came up in the last version when I fixed a dupe with the slotted book
  • Run the version checker asychronously in a seperate thread so game loading wont hang if is down
  • Fixed the recipe book “enablecrafting” option so it checks the config value on the server so book crafting can be disabled on the server
  • Fixed bug that made it so waypoint 0 couldn’t be deleted on the atlas
  • Fixed bug allowing exploiting the enchanted chase
  • Fixed big book default text size not showing up on the first page
  • Fixed a dupe bug with the fancy workbench
  • Fixed a dupe with the slotted book
  • Fixed a packet exploit with the slotted book

Updated RTG-1.7.10-

  • Added biome support for SugiForest.
  • Added biome support for ChromatiCraft’s Luminous Cliffs.
  • Added biome support for Hot Water Mod.
  • Added biome support for In the Darkness.
  • Added biome support for Eccentric Biomes.
  • Fixed bug with SC Sakura Forest using wrong biome config file.

Updated SpiceOfLife-mc1.7.10-1.3.11

  • Made food eaten from a food container more compatible with how Minecraft/Forge normally works (see WesCook/Nutrition#37)

Updated IC2NuclearControl-2.4.3a

Updated GTTweaker-1.7.10-1.6.3

  • Fix methods with array of inputs (Mixer, CircuitAssembler, Dehydrator, BlastFurnace). Fix type of inputs in OreWasher and ThermalCentrifuge
  • Fix registration of machines from 1.5.0
  • GT++ support
  • Supporting CircuitAssembler, Compressor, Extractor, OreWasher, ThermalCentrifuge
  • Fix Assembly Line and Chem Reactor
  • Assembly Line support

Updated StorageDrawers-1.7.10-1.10.9

  • Fixed render crash if a drawer has invalid meta.

(Info for server owners: configs, mods and script folder have been changed)