Fix Conflicting Recipes In Minecraft

If you in Minecraft, want to check easy which recipe conflict with eachother. Then there is a very easy way to find these recipe conflicts.

Sometimes smelting recipes can conflict, other times it is crafting recipes. Trying to find these manually would take a long time. Lucky for us there is a easy way!

The mod CraftTweaker:, which anyways is used to make recipes. Have a command that search for these conflicts.

Here is how to do it:


Go ingame and use the command

/ct conflicts


Once the command have been used, the following will be shown in chat. Now wait.


Once it is done you should see the “Conflict testing completed”:


Now go to the modpack folder. And find the “logs” folder. It is located the same place where you find the “mods”, “config”, “script” folders:


Now open the crafttweaker.log config file, and scroll down. It will now mentions which recipes conflict eachother. And you can now easy find out which recipes you have to edit/fix/tweak manually.