Fire In The Pipe 2: Now On Curse Launcher

Fire in the Pipe 2

As the title says, Fire In The Pipe 2 can now also be found on the Curse Launcher. That means you can now both find it on ATLauncher and at Curse Launcher:

To get Fire In The Pipe 2 on Curse Launcher – you can download the launcher here:

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Fire In The Pipe 2 Is Now Out (Tips/Tricks Here)

It is time. Fire In The Pipe 2 is now out on the ATLauncher.

Fire in the Pipe 2

You can find the pack at ATLauncher: & on Curse at:

Please also see previous post at:

This blog post, will contain tips/tricks to the pack. Links to guides and much more. All the info wont be here, once this blog post is published. But i will try and update it with new info once i remember some. I will keep a changelog, to this blog post at the end of it.

IMPORTANT: Use level-type: “RTG” on servers.

You ARE allowed to stream/record this pack. But please link back in your description, or have a command, to this post, thank you.

Launcher Text:

  • New Instance: Fire In The Pipe 1: Version To Install – 1.0.22 (Minecraft 1.6.4)
  • New Instance: Fire In The Pipe 2: Version To Install – 2.0.0-Beta-1 (Minecraft 1.7.10)

Fire In The Pipe (MC 1.7.10) – by Kehaan

Expect to play this pack for at least 9-12 months, if you wish to 100% this pack.

Do you like grindy, and very hard packs, that makes you rethink everything you are used to do in Minecraft? Then this pack is for you. This unique modpack is balanced around long term goals in mind. This pack use HQM, as a way to give long term challenges. This book, is not a “how to complete this pack”, but more a way to show you what can be done in the long therm.

Be prepared that even the smallest task will take many hours. And making your first Star Gate, Fusion Reactor, Spaceship and so on, will take many months to complete.

This pack is focused around tech (Mainly GregTech), and survival with weight system, new dimensions and much more.

This pack will make you rage, and  it will make you salty but will also make every small task feel like an accomplishment

This pack does not support removing or adding mods to it.

Read more at:

Kehaans Blog:

Pack Art made by:

LOL U Died – Death Sound is made by Diabolo-ical


  • To get Fire In The Pipe 1, Open ATLauncher – > packs -> find the pack -> New Instance -> Select “Version To Install: 1.0.22 (Minecraft 1.6.4)”
  • To get Fire In The Pipe 2, Open ATLauncher -> packs -> find the pack -> New Instance -> Select “Version To Install: 2.0.0-Beta-x” (x = 1,2,3,4 etc etc)
  • This pack is in BETA, stuff will change. However this pack have been played for over 1 year, in different forms. So it is rather stable, and also a lot of content in it. However i do plan on changing more recipe, adding more challenges etc over the next many months.
  • Allocate atleast 4096MB ram to the Launcher, for the pack. This pack is not very friendly for older computers.
  • The pack can take a long time to load. That is mainly because of the thousand of lines of recipe changes, config changes and GregTech. As long as the anvil animates, the pack loads. Give it at least 5min to load, on older systems.
  • Molten Aluminium Brass to make Cast from Tinkers’ Construct can be made using glass, and copper in a smeltery (See NEI).
  •  GregTech Ore levels can be found here AND on GregTech achivements ingame.
  • Some of the ores which max level have been at 120, have been increased to 180.
  • I have included AdminCommandsToolbox. This mod is VERY good for servers. It lets you generate a big map, so you won’t get worldgen lag, when players travel around in the world. To use this. I recommend doing the following: Start server -> “/pregenspawn 100” -> stop server -> Start server -> “/pregenspawn 125” -> stop server -> Start server -> “/pregenspawn 150” -> stop server -> start server -> “/pregenspawn 175” -> stop server -> start server -> “/pregenspawn 200” -> stop server -> start and play. You can do the same in singleplayer, but then you just need to close and open the game.
  •  I recommend this resourcepack: Select Universal JSTR one.
  • This guide can also come in handy: however i have never really used it. I like to learn on my own, and maybe explore wikis to read up on a machine or two 🙂
  • The Quest book, should be seen as a way for long term challenges. The book is not final. There will be more challenges added over time. And maybe even a special sound to it.
  • MCEdit is a great tool, if something ever messes up, you need to delete chunks etc. Check it out at: (If you play a lot of modded Minecraft, this tool is worth to use a few hours on learning)


Changelog for Beta Versions:

Changelog for Beta 2:

Changelog Beta 1.2: Removed a chest recipe, fixed oak slabs recipe *Script folder have been changed (Info For server owners)

Beta 1.1 – Adds Tooltips to a few blocks, to players know they have to research those in Thaumcraft, to unlock theem. Like items from Ars Magica, Chance Cubes, Botania and Witchery.
Also removes the possibility to smelt Iron Buckets in a smeltery.
* Script folder have changed (Info for Server Owners)

Changelog for blog post:

24-06-2016 pack is out and published.
27-06-2016 pack updated to Beta 1.2, see changelog above.
28-06-2016 pack updated to Beta 2, see changelog at
13-07-2016 Added post for Ore spawning levels in FITP2:

Fire In The Pipe 2 Beta 1 Will Be Out On …

After many hundred hours working on Fire In The Pipe 2, it is finally time to release it to the public. I have decided to release it as a “beta”, with the first public version being Beta 1. This pack is very different from Fire In The Pipe 1, and i would also say much much harder. Prepare to mine many hours manually, before you will ever reach a quarry (Most likely a few hundred hours). Many new mods is in, which adds some special twist to the pack. Many thousand of lines of recipe changes, have also been made, and more will be changed over the next many months. There is no health-regen and also special AI in to give a extra fun challenge. There is also special mods, that make progression to even vanilla mobs, so you have to breed animals, to get more drops out of them. This is just to mention a few of the changes in the pack. There is MUCH more then what i have written here, but that you need to discover on your own.
In this version which is on Minecraft 1.7.10, there is also a quest book. However as i am not a fan of a progression type book, i have tryed to make it as a “Challenge” book, with different chapters in different difficulty levels (Easy Challenges, Medium Challenges and Hard Challenges) these quest in the chapters is also placed randomly, to make it much more like a challenge, you can work towards, if thats something you like. But still while being a huge optional part of the pack. There is so much more going on in the pack, then the quest book shows. Minecraft is a sandbox game, and i think some Packs tends to make it so once you complete the Quest Book, the player thinks they are “done” with the pack. But most of the time, there is lots of content in each mod to make room for more playtime. I want try and change that, by making the book as a Challenges book.
Also, 100% all Challenges in the Quest Book on Hardcore, i dont think is possible. So if you like a extra challenge, try that out, and prove me wrong 😛


I am very happy to announce that the first beta will be out this friday (June 24) on ATLauncher, and later also released on Curse Launcher.