Pokehaan Craft 1.0.9 Changelog

This update re-adds the Laptop, and Trading Simulation item. It also adds 2 new armor sets like the Ash and Misty Armor set. It also adds EMC to some items, and other bug fixes. Oh, and now you can craft “Master Balls”. However this is a VERY hard recipe, but it is a option if you have the resources to do so.

Legit endgame creative flying will most likely be re-introduced in next update. I am also working on making Master Balls craftable, but i need some more time on figuring out a good recipe for these. We are also working on fixing some issues with the NPC editor, which hopefully also soon should be back.

Full changelog:

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Pokehaan Craft 1.0.8 Changelog

  • Removed PokehaanAdditions Mod (Because of a issue, i had to remove it. Until a fix have been made, sorry. Should be back soon.)
  • Added a recipe for the Pixelmon Chisel (This lets you place animated models of Pokemons. Kinda like statues.)
  • Disabled Flight from Draconic Armor sets.
  • Added a checklist challenge to craft the pixelmon Chisel.
  • Removed NPC Editor checklist until it is back
  • Removed Laptop Checklist until the mod is back
  • Added a checklist challenge to craft the Nature Compass.
  • Disabled Biome Pet (As there is now Nature Compass which is much much better)
  • Fixed recipe for Enchanted Atlas from Bibliocraft
  • Tweaked recipe for Bibliocraft Atlas
  • Disabled InventoryPets Sky Dungeons
  • Re-added EMC to all InventoryPets
  • Changed Draconic Evolution to hardmode

Added Nature’s Compass

  • This mod lets you make a compass, that shows you to the biome you want. This is great for hunting down Pokemons that can only be found in x biome.

Pokehaan Craft 1.0.7 Released

Small update that fixes some corruption issues and exploits.

  • Fixed Exploit with Harvestcraft Water Dupe
  • Tweaked the recipe for the NPC Editor
  • Blacklisted Pixelmon Entities in the Industiral Foregoing Mob Duplicator as it caused a world corruption issue
  • Removed EMC from Chancecubes
  • Tweaked recipe for Chancecubes
  • Removed Rending Gale
  • Fixed the vanilla firework recipe, to hopefully solve a corruption issue.
  • Disabled Firework Cloning in Quark, to hopefully solve a corruption issue.
  • Added EMC to firworks
  • Hidden some creative only items
  • Added Blank TR to Pokestops
  • Added Blank Galarian TM to Pokestops
  • Removed a Checklist Challenge (Gem Armor one)

(Info for serverowners. If you update from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7, only config and script folder have changed. If you update from even older versions, then more folders have changed.)

Pokehaan Craft 1.0.6 Released

Small update, that fixes some issues with last update. But also some nerfs.

  • Fixing a issue where a new mod was not there on ATLauncher.
  • Watch Of Flowing time now has no effect on pedestals.
  • Chancecubes now does not generate on the surface
  • Chancecubes now only generate as ore, but is now more rare.