Minecraft Tip: Teleport To Another Dimension Command

Wondering how to teleport to another dimension (overworld, end, the nether or modded dimension) using a command? You can use the following command:

/execute in [dimension] run tp ~ ~ ~

If you use “tab” when writing where the dimension should be, you can select which dimensions there is to teleport to:

In the example here i teleport to the end:

Example of some commands:

/execute in minecraft:the_end run tp ~ ~ ~
/execute in minecraft:the_nether run tp ~ ~ ~
/execute in minecraft:overworld run tp ~ ~ ~

Pokehaan Craft 2 – 1.6.2 & 1.6.3 Changelog

Updated InventoryPets-1.16.5-2.1.1

  • [1.16-1.20] Cloud Pet capabilities no longer applied to Creative Mode flight
  • [1.16-1.20] Flight no longer disabled during Spectator Mode

Updated journeymap-1.16.5-5.8.5p7

  • Fixed: Removed some unnecessary class allocations that can have a severe impact on performance



  • Quest fixes

Pokehaan Craft 2 – 1.6.1 Changelog (Zoooooooom)

Changelog: 1.6.1:

  • Added text on eggs, on when next update arrives, as i forgot to change the date.
  • Next content update will be on April 5th.
  • You can now zoom, with the < key.
  • Removed some scripts that was not used anymore.
  • Added text to EMC Currency, that the player needs to drag and drop the items to the trade window, and not shift click.
  • Changed some text in the NPC trader, to better show what is the price of the trades.

Removed rubidium-mc1.16.5-0.2.13

Added embeddium-0.3.5+mc1.16.5

Add magnesium_extras-mc1.16.5_v1.4.0

Updated KehaanNPCTrader-1.16.5-1.0.1

  • Fixes a issue with crashing when the player shift clicking items into the NPC. Drag and drop the items instead.

Updated inventorypets-1.16.5-2.1

Major Bug Fixes:

  • [All] Cloud Pet no longer interferes with flight abilities from Identity, Morph, angel ring, Fluegal tiara, Flight potion, Vampirism, Ars Nouveau (credit: MikeColle, buddyboy44141, knoxhack, Cheaterpaul, Burgh1)
  • [All] Cloud Pet capabilities no longer applied to Creative Mode flight (credit: GoldeRuby, coloniichan23)

Minor Updates:

  • [All] Cow Pet config added to remove Levitation Effect, default off (credit: Jayv6)
  • [All] Iron Golems no longer aggressive towards Living Anvil and Living Bed pets (credit: MaraDra)
  • [1.16.5] Fixed issues where Pixelmon was causing uncontrolled spawning with Inventory Pets spawners. Use Config option to disableMobSpawning to utilize (credit: Anthony-T-M)
  • [1.16.5] Cow Pet no longer crashes when in Pets Eat Rare Items mode (credit: Kehaan)
  • [All] Pets eat rarer items translations now working properly for Nether Portal and Double Chest

March Update! Endgame Kehaan Trader NPC – Pokehaan Craft 2

We just entered March , so time for a new content update to my Pixelmon Minecraft modpack “Pokehaan Craft 2”. This update adds some new QoL improvements. Which lets you easier see at which Y levels different ores spawn at. But I also added a new Kehaan Endgame Trader NPC, that lets you trade EMC for singularities that usually require a lot of crafting. Thank you very much for all the downloads of the modpack, the modpack. We are nearly at 500.000 downloads on Curseforge!

Pokehaan Craft 2 – 1.6.0 (March Update)

Hello everyone!

Time for another update to “Pokehaan Craft 2”. The pack is nearly at around 450.000 downloads on Curse, wohooooo!!! Thank you.

This update is mainly a update that adds some quality of life improvements, like being able to see at which Y level different ores spawn at. There is as always new Pokehaan Egg drops too.

One of the new endgame features added, is a “Kehaan NPC Trader”. This Trader is placeable in your base. Once you click on the NPC, a trade window will open. This window lets you in this update do some trades for some of the singularities, and instead of doing lots of crafting. You can create some new EMC Singularities that is used for the trading as currency. In new updates more and more trades will be added to the NPC. So be sure to check back once in a while with every new monthly update to the Minecraft modpack.

Thank you once again for all the downloads of the modpack, i appreciate it a lot.

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