Update: A new contact form, and a gift

A new feature have been added on this blog. You can find it on the left side, which is called “Contact Me”. You are now able to contact me if you have any questions, something business related or something completely different. Many times i have got questions on twitter, that have been hard for people to explain, in those 140 characters. By using this form you are able to write a much longer message, and get in touch with me directly easier.


I have also received another gift from Cruxdaca. Once again, thank you very much, thats very kind of you. I appreciate it very much. Be sure to subscribe to him at his youtube channel https://gaming.youtube.com/cruxdaca

New Blocks: Sound Blocks

This is just a small post, to show you all some of my new blocks i have been playing around with. I have also by making these blocks, the last few days posted some videos on my Youtube, which show you some of the blocks. The special about these type of blocks, is that they play sound files. Some of them can be seen here:


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